2015-03-05: Develop iOS version for Sign Doc and Android version for Trust Net applications

We starting two tasks: develop of iOS version for our base application Sign Doc and develop of full application for Trust Net on Android.

We need money for do it faster. If you can help us - please, do donations. Thanks.

2015-01-16: Release 1.10 of mobile application GPLVote Sign Doc

Mutch changes in this version: save all received documents in mobile application, documents list as main screen, new status "Processed" for notify about processing signed document on site.

2014-12-22: Release of mobile application GPLVote Sign Doc

We release mobile application GPLVote Sign Doc. This application used in ouer project "Sign Doc". This project have target as popularization of using cryptographic sign. It will first real step for ouer global target.

2014-12-15: Reliase of mobile application for signin documents

Released mobile app Sign Doc for Android, designed for easy signing various documents of your electronic signature (cryptography).

The application works through a special proxy server. At the same time observed two important conditions: the secret key is stored only on the user's mobile phone (encrypted by a password); signed by the data placed on the Internet only in encrypted form of user keys and remain inaccessible to anyone other than the user and the sender.

2014-11-26: Move project site to new server finished

"Forum" and "Wiki" worked.

2014-11-24: Move project site to new server

Now we move projects site to new server. Several time parts of site like "Forum", "Wiki" will not worked. We restore full functionality of site in nearest time.

2013-12-01: Trust net realisation based on Google documents

We create trust net engine based on Google documents as user only edited resource. We call it document as "Network electronic passport". User can do several actions in net using records in this document. Source accepted from Github.

2012-01-14: Project presentation

Fund of Development of Electronic Democracy has organized meeting and we have presented our project. Andrey Velikoredchanin has described a server architecture, which we have marked as outdated. Yury Dyachenko has described p2p variant of our system, which we developing for this moment.

You can look at our presentation(in russian language) here (from 19th minute).

2012-01-08: The Management Board of the project

Procedure of preparing documents has been finished.

These documents should check operation of project's Management Board (russian):

There are two participants who passed a formal procedure for joining into the Management Board.

2011-12-20: Project's site

This resource represents information about our project.
If you will be able to help us, feel free to write to project@gplvote.org.

2011-11-27: Work at plugin for media

Our plugin offers possibility for distribution of information via P2P network.
The targeted audience of our project are media which have own dedicated servers.
The main advantages for media are:

Free distribution of information is the main singularity of e-democracy.